Winter update; Copenhagen & Borovets summary

Winter update; Copenhagen & Borovets summary


So it has somehow been four months since I last posted anything on here (time flies)! Thanks so much to anyone who has been on my blog while it has been inactive, i’m still trying to figure out how/what to do with the page even after having it such a long time.

In a nutshell, since I was last posting about Paris, I have moved into a new flat, worked Christmas in retail, spent a weekend in Copenhagen, took a trip to Snowdon, went to London for a few days and spent a week skiing in Bulgaria! Obviously I have done loads of boring things inbetween too, but they aren’t worth writing about.

Just the other week I completed my recurrent course for cabin crew which is exciting & I am so glad to back at work for the summer season. So before work trips come into play, I thought a summary of my own trips would keep the page up to date.


Do you ever just think back and think how somethings were just so needed at the time? Well this trip was one of them needed moments. I booked it as an anniversary gift for some down time, and as our annual winter city break. Jan was a quite time for visitors, so we did a lot of resting as the weather was a little cold with on/off rain.

We joined a walking tour of the city (obviously), visited Nyhavan both during the day and night, took a fair few cafe/brunch pit stops and passed most of the main sights. Tivolli theme park was closed for the season but looked like so much fun from the gates! Scandanavia, as we already knew, was pretty expensive food and drink wise, so we didn’t go overboard but we did find a really quirky brunch cafe with a personal tick list menu. We went to a local swimming/diving pool which was something abit different to say the least, we must have missed the memo about changing room etiquette.


It had been years since I last went skiing so I tagged along to my parents week long trip to the resort of Borovets in Bulgaria for a week during the middle of March. The resort was in the most unexpected place when traveling in from Sofia as it was a woodland resort with a tiny village at the bottom of the main slope. My parents had visited 25 years ago and said it hadn’t changed one bit since they were last there and there were some places you could definitely tell!

The weather was amazing and was so much warmer than we expected, there wasn’t any snow in the village though but there had been fresh snow a few days before so that’s all we needed really. We took alternate days on each side of the resort; the gondola side, which felt so good to be sat down for 25 minutes with the boots on, and then the chair lifts and main slopes all leading right back to the centre of the resort.

Borovets is really good for nightlife, but I was too tired to be honest to do anything other than go for a swim. The food was not for me (nothing new there) but made for funny meal times as we were all so hungry every night, but I was happy with bottled cocktails on the balcony and all the paprika lays I could get my hands on.

Mum and I took a spa day at the Rila hotel when the clouds came over the whole resort which was nice as we finally had the day to relax and get our nails done, dad didn’t join so was off doing his own thing probably chancing going down the black runs but without me lagging behind shouting at him!

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