What I loved about Rome

What I loved about Rome

Another day, another city break…but this time to a capital known for it’s pizza, pasta and ruins, what was not to love?! 

1. Most of the monuments and attractions were free! Apart from the obvious of the Colosseum and the Vatican, which both get millions of tourists visiting each year, most of the other monuments cost nothing to wander around. The entry fee for the Colosseum / a guided walking tour was definitely worth it.

2. The endless amounts of pizza and pasta. I love Italian food anyway so I didn’t need much persuasion on what to eat. Est! Est! Est! was one of my favourite places, with wooden swinging doors, checkered table cloths and really friendly staff. Margarita’s and carbonara’s are always as good idea and so was ticking off another Hard Rock cafe visit.

3. All of the history and the ruins. A ruin’s a ruin right? Wrong. Each one has a story, and it’s amazing to see how some are 2000 years old are still standing. If you combine the known facts about the city with your imagination you will find yourself back in ancient Rome. I just wish more places had huge grand pillars and extravagant entrances.

4. The pope was on the tannoy in the Sistine chapel. The Sistine chapel was beautiful, every inch was accounted for in the paintings and was full of colour and stories. Obviously no photos were allowed to be taken but it doesn’t mean I won’t remember it. The pope’s prayers came over the tannoy which I first thought were the rules on keeping quiet and not taking pictures of the art, woops.

6. The Trevi fountain. Although packed with tourists both day and night it was so pretty and so clean! I just about managed to have my Lizzie McGuire moment before resorting to major people watching mode. Honestly how many times does one person need to throw a coin for their boomerang?! The money collected from the fountain each day goes to charity so that made me happy.

7. Gelato on every corner! I found two amazing shops on Instagram (no shame) and google mapped them when in Rome and they were amazing! Come il Latte and Gelataria Verde Pistachio were two of my trip highlights. Salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut ice cream with a wafer and melted white chocolate..yes please!!

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