U.S. Embassy calling .. 24 hours in London

U.S. Embassy calling .. 24 hours in London

This time last week I sat in Hyde park eating my picnic after 24 hours wandering around London. My crew visa had been approved and I was being paid to be in the city a week before the royal wedding!! I had taken an early morning train to Euston on the Sunday, before starting my tube adventures. I went straight to Liverpool Street where I had my lunch by the sense of space pop up exhibition, I wanted to go in but the line was so long, so people watching was my next option. I spent the afternoon walking around the streets of Kensington and Chelsea, seeking out all the cute flower and coffee shops.

After spending a few hours in the National history museum, I made my way over to my hotel in Vauxhall. The MI6 HQ building was right around the corner so I had a quick look and went out for tea and drinks nearby. Early Monday morning I had my embassy appointment for my visa then I took the tube to Oxford Street and did a bit of shopping. A short sunbathe and pit stop in Hyde park later, I got the train back to Manchester.

I also managed to find Bywater street too, which is a street lined with the prettiest colourful terraced houses (and fancy cars)!

It was the first time I’ve been to London and not had a real time schedule or had someone to go with!! Everywhere I went was new which was good, especially as I had loads of time to myself and to do whatever I fancied.

In two weeks I am going back down for a few days as my friend from camp and her family are visiting which is exciting!!

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