Family holiday to Sharm el Sheikh

Family holiday to Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt is definitely the hottest place I have ever visited, it could be because my parents decided to book the family trip for the hottest time of the year which was mid August so heat and sun was guaranteed and they were not wrong!  Every day there was clear skies and 40 degree temperatures. Cooling down was a task in itself and was hard even when sitting in the shade, using a fan/air conditioning or being in the pool.

We stayed all-inclusive at the Hauza beach resort and it was huge. There were so many choices for food and flowing drinks were always needed because of the heat. The complex had a number of different pools which lead down towards the beach. Each day aqua aerobics, water polo and volley ball were offered and a lot of people took part.

I found that being in the desert meant that there were parts of the area which were wasteland and totally run down and other areas such as the hotel complexes were the opposite and looked like palaces. We also saw this when we left the complex at night, we visited a local flea market and an outdoor shopping centre and they were the opposite of each other. The market town was very busy, there were a lot of people, a lot of camels and a lot of mosquitoes whereas in the shopping centre there was a lot of restaurants, shops and fountains.

The beaches in Egypt has clear blue warm water and golden sand even though the sand was too hot to walk on without shoes. At most of the beaches snorkeling was popular, I had never tried it before and it looked a lot of fun, jumping off a pier out over coral to swim out and look at the reefs and the fish. I learnt two things, the first was to spit in your goggles to stop them from steaming up and the second was to jump out not down so you don’t cut yourself on the coral.

I would definitely visit Egypt again but would go towards the end of the summer time.

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