NYC food blog

NYC food blog

Food on the move was definitely a phrase made for New York. There is something on every corner, just like there are skyscrapers, attractions, yellow taxis and crowds of people. With the rush of the city and there being so many amazing sights to visit, an itinerary for a few days in NYC doesn’t leave much time for eating. But lets be honest, there’s always time for food!!

What and where to eat in relation to attractions:


With Dunkin Donught’s on every corner it’s not hard to get your sweet treat and coffee fix. They are dotted all around the city with a small one close to Brooklyn Bridge. Carlos Bake shop is a famous bakery close to Times Square which is ideal for a cupcake or two.


Sometimes all you need in life is a sit down and good food. 5 Guys, Chipotle and Schnipper’s did the job and gave abit of variety with the meals. Chipotle was in an ideal location just outside of Central Park, where as Five Guys and Schnipper’s were just before reaching the Times Square rush.


Pizza is without a doubt one of the best creations ever and in NYC it is everywhere. ‘Skinny pizza’ in Times Inc near the 9/11 memorial and museum, and ‘A Slice of New York’ Pizza Cafe close to Times Square didn’t disappoint. The pizzas were fresh and they were huge!


Hard Rock Cafe is the perfect place! As one of the cities biggest entertainment venues, and one of the most iconic Hard Rock Cafe’s, visiting the restaurant in Times Square is great. It is filled with unique memorabilia and has a great atmosphere. With nachos fit for a family, and a long list of burgers and cocktails, you won’t leave hungry.


With over 3000 street vendors in the city, food carts are really popular. The Halal group and Nathan’s hot dog’s are well known across the city. Depending on which one you go to you can get breakfast foods, kebabs, rice, snacks and drinks from them.

Not yet in every city in the world, but most definitely a number of them in NYC is McDonald’s. With it’s usual menu and large meaning huge, you will find them in some unique and random converted city building’s, like the converted theater near Madam Tussaud’s.

With bagels, cheesecakes, burgers and pizza slices everywhere you look, going hungry while visiting New York isn’t an option!

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