Easter break in Lanzarote

Easter break in Lanzarote

In Easter break me and my sister went on a beach holiday to Lanzarote before summer exams. We picked Lanzarote as we had been there on a family holiday when we were younger and knew it would be warm for that time of year in Europe. We didn’t really have any plans for the trip apart from sunbathing, swimming and going to the beach.

We stayed in the area of Playa Blanca at the Blue Sea Corbeta Hotel and had our own small villa on the complex. When we arrived at the hotel we were upgraded to all-inclusive which was great as it meant we wouldn’t have to pay for drinks or evening meals. The hotel was really nice and had a huge reception and dining area as well as a number of swimming pools. The hotel was half an hours walk away from the beach which had a sea front walk-way which stretched for miles. We walked to the beach front every night and ate out a few times, once the sun had set we needed jackets as it became breezy by the sea.

Each day we sunbathed by the pool or at the beach, read books and magazines, swam in the pool even though the water was freezing, ate ice cream and completed a whole word search book between us. It was a really relaxing holiday and we both got really good tans from being out in the sun all day.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island but we didn’t really fancy any trips to them as we had done that when we visited on a family holiday. We just wanted to visit the beach and lounge by the pool. We did make a few shopping trips to the supermarkets and the town centre which was fun and we also found a few docks along the shores.

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