Krka Waterfalls v Plitvice Lakes

Krka Waterfalls v Plitvice Lakes

Two bucket list ticks and lots of walking in inappropriate shoes came with visiting two of Croatia’s most popular National Parks, Krka and Plitvice. Both National Parks are absolutely beautiful and are without a doubt nature and tourist hot spots.

If you are wondering which one to visit you should most definitely go to both, and here’s why …

Krka National Park

Could life get any better than going for a morning swim in clear green waters next to one of Europe’s prettiest waterfalls?! I am not quite sure it can. Although there is lots to do in Krka, the main attraction is definitely Skradinski Buk, the longest waterfall on the Krka river. You are able to walk across the bridge alongside it or swim in the waters below it. There are a range of other things to see and do within the park, like the historical sights of the small ethno village and the hydroelectric power plant plus walking along some of the designated trails and getting up close to some of the parks wildlife.


Plitvice National Park

IS THE DEFINITION OF BLUE! Home to 16 turquoise lakes, which are divided into the higher lakes and lower lakes, Plitvice is full of flowing streams and curtain like waterfalls. If you ever want to be surrounded by quiet waters and scenery that you won’t forget, Plitvice is the place to be. The park has many different walking trails and short boat rides which take you around and across the lakes. The trails pass by some amazing viewing platforms and allows you to walk up to / over some of the waterfalls, as well as directing you to some caves.

A few things to note before going to either of the National Parks:


  • The main bridge overlooking Skradinski Buk can be really busy, especially once mid-morning has passed so get ready for a few shoulder bumps and backpacks in your face.
  • Don’t forget your swimming stuff to swim near the waterfall area but expect a few cuts and bruises as it is rocky and slippy.
  • There are plenty of places to get some snacks/food in the park.
  • The park is close to the small town of Sibenik which is an undiscovered gem and one of many Game of Thrones locations in Croatia.
  • Towards the top of the park there is a really easy and scenic trail which takes around 45 minutes and is definitely worth doing.


  • The paths are fairly narrow which often means walking in single file.
  • If you want a break from walking you can rent a wooden rowing boat in one of the lower lakes.
  • There can be long long long lines for the short boat journeys across the lakes but they do come and go frequently.
  • 5 hours + is suggested to explore the lakes as the park is huge and there are many different trails.
  • Sturdy shoes are a must, especially during winter when the wooden paths could be wet.

I would visit both parks again in a heartbeat as they were paradise (minus the crowds), but if I had to choose between the two, Plitvice wins for the scenery, but Krka was my favourite day trip as a whole.

Ever visited? Let me know if you have or if you felt the same.

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