Flying to Cuba as a passenger

Flying to Cuba as a passenger

With only 8 passengers on board, my last long haul of the season was a little different to of all the others. With over 300 seats to choose from and a 4 hour break each to rest, we were all really happy to be flying over the Bahamas heading for Cuba! 

I’d heard and read mixed reviews about the food and the hotels in Cuba, but after flying into Santa Clara and spending most of the afternoon on a mini bus, there wasn’t really much time to do anything other than go to the bar and sleep.

We positioned on the tiniest jet stream plane to Holguín the next morning! It was literally the smallest plane I’ve ever seen and it only had 16 seats (and propellers).

The beach at the hotel was amazing! We spent the afternoon by the pool and watched the sunset over the beach. Before the flight home we managed to get 6 hours of tanning on the beach!

It was a fab end to the season and made me realise that the job didn’t feel like a job at all!

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