Family weekend to Paris

Family weekend to Paris

My little sis turned 21 at the start of November so as a surprise for her birthday we took a family trip to Paris to celebrate! 🎈

We had two full days in the city after the flight the previous night, so spent one of the days walking around the main sights and the other at Disneyland and Walt Disney studios! The weather was perfect as it stayed dry the whole time and felt wintery without being too cold to be out all day.

Our sightseeing day started by meeting my other sis coming in from London, before making our way to the Norte-Dame, the grounds of the Louvre, up the Eiffel Tower and around the Arc di triumph. Although we’ve all been up the tower before we thought we would all walk it together and went back after tea and cocktails to see it glitter and it was really pretty!

Our disney day was packed and was so much fun. We got the train to the parks soon after we got up and went to Walt Disney studios until mid afternoon and then the main park all afternoon and evening for the fireworks!

The studio park although it was only small, had such good rides and no wait was longer that 45 mins! We used fast pass tickets and went single rider for most of them! The day ticket was £50 each for both of the parks as it was out of season and during the week but it was so cheap!!

We arrived at the main park around 3pm when the Christmas parade had just started! We didn’t expect it to be so festive that early in the month but it was amazing and none of us had ever seen a Disney park at Christmas before! We ate at a cafe on Main Street and it felt surreal for us all to be there under the snow machines listening to Christmas songs.

We wandered around the whole park and went on all the rides we wanted to, even upside-down ones straight after eating, before watching the firework display (amazing as per)!

We made a late night pit stop at McDonald’s before heading back to sleep for our journey home the next morning and all going our separate ways! 🎆 🎢 🇫🇷

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