Family holiday to Tenerife

Family holiday to Tenerife

After moving away to university, Christmas and Easter became the only time everyone in the family was free to do things all together. We booked a two week holiday to Los Cristianos in Tenerife as the Canary Islands are known for warm weather all year round.

We stayed at Cristian Sur apartments and it was huge. The apartment had two floors and two huge balconies and was in a really good location towards the end of the beach front. Each day we walked up and down the beaches stopping off for cocktails and ice-creams. We spent some days walking, some days at the beach and other days by the pool all depending on how cloudy each day was. Every day the temperature was in the 20’s but once the sun had set the temperature dropped.

In the evenings during the holiday we made a few trips to Playa de las Americas and the crazy golf complex near the Veronica’s strip and ate out each night at a number of different places. We found some really nice family owned businesses especially a small Chinese buffet and had a hilarious experience ordering a chicken burger and receiving two pieces of chicken with an egg in the middle?! We also came across the Safari shopping complex which is a modern outdoor area full of bright fairy lights, designer shops, bars, restaurants. The complex had a music fountain show on each night which was really nice to watch.

Seeing as though you can never been too old for water parks and water slides, even though it does get more tiring the older you are, we spent a whole say at Siam Park near the end of the holiday. It was a really fun day as we spent hours going on and off all the slides, in the wave pool and sunbathing by the palm trees.

We all had a really relaxed and fun time apart from the endless attempts at taking family photos and the others wanting to go on morning runs.


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