A weekend in Scotland

A weekend in Scotland

After spending three months in the U.S.A. working at summer camp my boyfriend booked a weekend trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow. We went there by train from Manchester and stayed in a hotel close to the city center. When we arrived we didn’t know what we wanted to do so we found some maps and looked for the popular attractions. We decided on visiting Edinburgh Castle, the Dungeons, Dynamic Earth and Princes Street Gardens.

On the first afternoon we went to check opening times for the Dungeons and found it wasn’t actually open at night which seemed strange but once we got inside we knew why. It was an interactive tour which had people acting out characters and a story. It was really funny but quite scary at the same time. We spent the rest of the evening walking through Princes Street Gardens and looking for a place to eat.

We spent the next morning exploring Edinburgh Castle which you can see from nearly any area of the city and then spent the afternoon at Dynamic Earth which is an interactive science center. We weren’t quite sure on it at first but once we went inside we really enjoyed it. We were able to walk around different rooms which were all themed differently for example rain-forest, arctic, desert and volcanic. After spending a few hours inside we went to watch a screening in a dome theatre, which you lay down and watched the show above your head. It was a lot of fun!

The city looked so pretty at night when all the buildings were lit up on one side of the street and the castle and gardens on the other. We walked up to the castle at night to see what it looked like and came across a number of churches, museums and statutes.

We then got the train to Glasgow and spent the next two days there. Glasgow had a very different atmosphere to Edinburgh, it didn’t feel focused on tourism and was a lot more spread out. I had my first experience of pitch and putt and a vegetarian Indian restaurant and it was really enjoyable. We visited a number of pubs in the city center as well as visiting a museum and passing the university campus.

Whilst in Glasgow the Google Maps van photographed us whilst we were crossing the road which we found weeks later online!

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