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5 new things I did on my latest visit to LDN

Its been less than a month since I was last in London, but last week I was back again! This time round my trip was full of new sights, and ten times the amount of walking.

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U.S. Embassy calling .. 24 hours in London

This time last week I sat in Hyde park eating my picnic after 24 hours wandering around London. My crew visa had been approved and I was being paid to be in the city a week before the royal wedding!!  View Post


Cabin crew training complete

It’s been 2 weeks since the end of 5 weeks of training and what felt like an eternity of exams for my next set of adventures..taking to the skies! Excitement and nerves have merged into one, and my case is in the first few stages of being packed for my first flight tomorrow. View Post


Leith road trip – photo blog

These past few days have been my favourite in a while. A 4.5 hour road trip to Edinburgh after a snowy few days at home was ideal.  View Post


What I loved about Rome

Another day, another city break…but this time to a capital known for it’s pizza, pasta and ruins, what was not to love?!  View Post