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Berlin in winter

The second time I went on a university society trip I went to Berlin for 4 days in January. I didn’t really know what to expect apart from the Berlin Wall and lots of historical buildings. Apart from the freezing -4 temperatures which I was not prepared for, I was really surprised at how much I loved the city and how quirky it was. View Post


A weekend in Scotland

After spending three months in the U.S.A. working at summer camp my boyfriend booked a weekend trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow. We went there by train from Manchester and stayed in a hotel close to the city center. When we arrived we didn’t know what we wanted to do so we found some maps and looked for the popular attractions. We decided on visiting Edinburgh Castle, the Dungeons, Dynamic Earth and Princes Street Gardens. View Post


Easter break in Lanzarote

In Easter break me and my sister went on a beach holiday to Lanzarote before summer exams. We picked Lanzarote as we had been there on a family holiday when we were younger and knew it would be warm for that time of year in Europe. We didn’t really have any plans for the trip apart from sunbathing, swimming and going to the beach. View Post


3 days in Barcelona

The first time I ever really went on a city break was to Barcelona on a university society trip for 3 days. It was a beautiful city and is one of the only cities in Europe with a beach.  View Post


Family holiday to Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt is definitely the hottest place I have ever visited, it could be because my parents decided to book the family trip for the hottest time of the year which was mid August so heat and sun was guaranteed and they were not wrong!   View Post