About me


Thanks for coming over to my blog! I’m Nicola, and I’m a 23 year old law graduate from the U.K. and I am obsessed with visiting new places.

Frequent travel makes me happy and so does planning so I try and do as much of both as I can. I also love palm trees, elephants, long walks, sunsets and all kinds of unhealthy foods, so anywhere where they are you’ll hopefully find me.

I started Travel Happy Blog in June 2015 to keep track of all of the places I was visiting as the list was quickly growing. It was kind of like my travel diary, but with a few lists here and there. In August 2016 I climbed Kilimanjaro (I know, I still can’t believe it either) and since then I have crammed in as many trips as possible.

I now write down destination tips and summaries of my trips in the hope that other people will get up and go too!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and following my adventures!!

Nicola x