Just a 23 year old law graduate from the U.K. obsessed with writing lists, keeping busy, visiting new places and catching a tan.

After taking a gondola ride in Venice, washing elephants in Thailand, pedaling down the canals in Amsterdam, climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro, swimming in the blue lagoon, walking up the Eiffel Tower, life guarding in the U.S.A., feeding tortoises in Zanzibar, inter-railing around Europe, camping on an African Safari, I thought it was about time to write about it all!

I decided to start my blog back in June 2015 to keep track of all the places I have visited. It’s kind of like my travel diary, but with a few lists here and there.

I have realised all I want to do is travel and see new places. Obviously it’s not as easy as that, but you’ve got to try haven’t you?!

Thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!!

Nicola x

P.S. My family are great and I have the best boyfriend in the world!