A night in Vegas

A night in Vegas

Going to Vegas wasn’t really on my radar for this year, or the near future to be honest, but I didn’t think twice about the 10 hour 50 minute flight to get there when I saw it on my roster! I couldn’t wait to get there and see what it was like, although exhaustion was always going to be involved with it being a layover.

So, seeing as powering though was the only option, 10 minutes after checking into the hotel I was ready to go and  to eat. I had my own personal tour guide as one of the girls had been a few times before and didn’t mind showing me around. We stayed at the SLS near the stratosphere so were at one end of the strip, the hotel was so glam and was so nice to be in luxury for a short time!

We went straight out for tea eating at a Thai restaurant nearby before taking the monorail to the centre of the strip. About half way down Las Vegas Boulevard we jumped off and went around the shopping mall connected to Caesars palace. We zigzagged in and out of casinos to the Bellagio, mainly for the air-con and to people watch, and headed to see the fountains from the walk way, which was so good, I love all things like that!


Going to bed around midnight wasn’t a good idea as my body clock wasn’t agreeing, so after 5 hours on and off sleep, I spent the morning by the pool in 43 degrees, before getting ready for the flight back home. I can’t wait to go back and hope to get a longer Vegas soon so I will have enough time to explore and spend all my wages and not feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind!

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