5 new things I did on my latest visit to LDN

5 new things I did on my latest visit to LDN

Its been less than a month since I was last in London, but last week I was back again! This time round my trip was full of new sights, and ten times the amount of walking.

It was my 5th yearly reunion with Allie since we met at camp (what feels like a lifetime of summers ago) and her parents were in town too, so we got to it and managed to squeeze in different activities across the city.

1. Westminster Abbey tour

The tour was really interesting, and nice to finally go inside the abbey to see what it was like after seeing it on tv for numerous occasions. It did feel like we’d spent a few hours in an indoor cemetery, but a really busy and colourful one.

2. Jack the Ripper walk

Being a criminology geek, I was absolutely in my element on the tour. It was an evening walk around the Whitechapel area of London, explaining some of the known locations and theories as to who jack the ripper was and what he did.

3. Found the Rose garden in Hyde park


4. Saw the crown jewels

Which were just as amazing as I imagined! There was so much sparkle as we passed them on the conveyer belt. Wandering the grounds of the Tower of London was enjoyable as it is a huge site full of so many stories.

5. Wandered around Carnaby street

The area was full of colour and was maze of side streets, what was not to love.

We also found time to take a quick look around the Supreme Court, sunbathe in St James Park and stop at some small pubs and cafes along the way. People watching in Trafalgar Square and at Buckingham palace went without saying. It was actually the first time I’d seen the flag for the queen being at the palace, which was exciting, although obviously she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Everything was going so well until I got on the (wrong) tube, missing my train by minutes back to MCR, but as per, I could always rely on my usual coach trip back.

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