3 nights in Krakow – Mini break pt 1

3 nights in Krakow – Mini break pt 1

With uni done and dusted, and graduate life in full swing, I now have the time to document the 6 day mini break Rea and I took last month to Krakow and Budapest. As we had both just finished uni, and have been away so many times in the past few years separately, it was fab to spend time together and go on an adventure.

We spent three days in Krakow, took an overnight coach, and spent two days in Budapest. Most of the trip was organised via text and quite last minute considering we are all about planning in advance.

We arrived at Krakow airport late afternoon and made our way to the city centre by bus, it felt like we were travelling through the middle of nowhere but when we arrived at the main bus station and shopping centre it felt a lot more like what we expected. We stayed in Greg and Toms Beer Hostel which was really close to the main market square and was ideal for us (apart from our hilarious/awful/drunken roommates).

Like you always do when you get to a new place, we went on a wander and found a pizza restaurant with a cute garden terrace. The city reminded me of Prague straight away for two reasons 1) the amount of horse and carriages and 2) using a calculator to try and figure out the currency exchange.

With it being the start of June, the weather was nice so we managed to catch a bit of colour and were able to walk everywhere. We walked to Wawel castle and wandered around the grounds which were really pretty and then along the river for quite a while to mound Kosciuszko and spent afternoon up there. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, took a nap, went for cocktails, found some chocolate oreo waffles and took them to our beds as we wanted an early night before visiting Auschwitz the next day. Over tea we met our friends from Chicago who we spent most of the next week with, sometimes by coincidence and other times by choice.

Going to Auschwitz was on our list of things to do on our trip and we half expected the day ahead of us but nothing could really prepare us. On the early morning coach we watched a DVD which put everything into perspective. The whole day was really emotional and totally overwhelming but we learnt so many new things. We visited Auschwitz-Birkenau and the memorial and museum sites both of which I will never forget…I am welling up just writing this brief paragraph.

That evening we went to a really nice veggie restaurant called Glonojad Vegetarian Bar and went on a bar crawl which stopped at four clubs all which were underground and in and around the main square. We tried Polish vodka and it was too strong for us, but not strong enough to get rid of all the creepy men in the bars.

On our final day went to in search of the Jewish Quarter and were uninspired so walked by the river as we had time to kill before we moved on. We were healthy and got a salad for lunch, took a trip to the shopping centre, packed and showered, ate at the Hard Rock Café before heading to the train station for our 10pm overnight coach to Budapest which was £11!

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