2017 – The year I knew exactly where I was going, but had no idea what on earth I was doing

2017 – The year I knew exactly where I was going, but had no idea what on earth I was doing

… up until now! 

I literally can’t believe there’s only 20 days left until the new year. Time has flown by, more so than ever this year, and it’s safe to say my life post uni has been one full of random everything…and it’s about to get even more so as I have just been offered a cabin crew position with Thomas Cook in the new year and I am so excited and happy about it!!

It has taken until now to feel like things are finally falling into place after stressing about what to do / when to do it / where to go and I am over the moon. I have realised that my worries weren’t really worries at all and it’s true that you never really know about something unless you try it.

2017 has been an amazing year travel wise. I have managed to cover a lot of mileage this year having taken two trips to London, a city break to Iceland, a month long trip to Thailand, a weekend away to Amsterdam, two road trips to Wales, a birthday trip to New York and a late summer holiday to Croatia! To be quite honest they have been some of the best times ever and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

The flexibility of my job at the minute and my family and friends have been a blessing in disguise in helping with the trips. I know for a fact it is not easy to put up with my endless planning and doubts about what I am doing and why but after all these weeks and months I am so relieved and content.

My favourite parts of the past 364 days (because one is too hard to decide on) have to be …

  • Doing a face mask in the Blue Lagoon
  • Feeding rescued elephants in Thailand
  • Climbing Snowdon
  • Going to a gospel service in New York
  • Spending a day in Krka National Park
  • Staying in a honeymoon suite in Bangkok
  • Watching the Lion King in London
  • Visiting a Thai orphanage

The year has had its ups and downs, and I know I am not on my own in thinking that. 2017 wasn’t a year which was free of sad news, or set backs, but trying different things has made it more exciting and mixed it up a bit. “Why not” became one of my favourite answers to everything and I finally took my blog self hosted, featured in a TV advert (no thanks to my sister for that), written blogs for a number of travel websites, completed an online TEFL course and learnt a lot about chocolate since becoming supervisor at work.

2018 plan…

There is still time left in the year to cram in another trip, so I am going to spend NYE in Cardiff which is exciting. With the Christmas count down now on, I am so glad that 2018 now comes with a plan! I feel like I’ve earned myself a holiday and will be booking one (or two) asap once the new year hits.

My goals for 2018 are pretty simple; to do more yoga, lose weight (as per usual), read more, pass the cabin crew training course, learn first aid, spend time with family and friends, and keep putting pins in my globe… I CAN’T WAIT!


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