2 summers spent in McCall

2 summers spent in McCall

So glad I have finally been able to get round to blogging my two summers at camp although I don’t know how to begin! Seeing as though I have spent nearly 6 months of my time living and working at Paradise Point it will always be a big deal to me…not forgetting the fact that it is in one of the prettiest locations ever!

When applying through Camp Leaders I didn’t really have any idea of what I was going to be in for. When you live in a U.K. city, sleeping in a log cabin by the side of a lake working as a lifeguard is like something you’ve seen in a film, but after a couple of days it became second nature and felt like my home. After my first summer I knew I had to go back and that’s what I did.


Camp life, although a routine I could recite off the top of my head, never gave you two days the same. The campers, the weather, the games, the meal times, the activities, the chapels, the theme days, the songs, the toes-up (yes specific nap time) the free time and the jobs all made great stories to tell at the end of each day. Free time at and away from camp was something to cherish! It was time to do laundry, Facetime home, shower and sleep. When at camp I felt like I was in a bubble and was living for the moment as cliché as that sounds, so didn’t have many distractions from technology or what was happening outside of camp.

During both summers I was a lifeguard on the waterfront which meant I spent half my time in a swimming costume whilst on the beach, lifeguard training, on the speed boat, kayaking, on the wibit and even when white water rafting. My lifeguard outfit was the cutest and I wish I could wear it every day. The other half of my time I spent wrapped up in layers or in sports clothes, trying to keep warm or get cosy when tired. Designer clothes, make up and anything white went straight out of the window.

Having been to the U.S.A. before I hoped the food would be good and it was. Camp food was something to get excited for as were s’mores by the camp fire. On our days off we sometimes took trips to Ice-Cream Ally and My Father Place in McCall as a break. During my second summer I drank nothing but water for 100 days and felt so much better for it, especially because of the heat in August.

Some of the most memorable times I has whilst in Idaho were going to the hot air balloon launch in Boise, visiting the hot springs, watching a rodeo, going to a firework display for the 4th July, stargazing, going to the water park, waking up with a chipmunk in my bed and making trips to the cabin in McCall, none of which would have been as fun without those who I experienced them with!

If I had to describe Paradise Point in one word it would be happiness! For me camp created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime and was full of happy times! When the only bad things you can think of from any day were having permanent dirt on my feet, standing on pine cones, being bitten by mosquito’s, having sunburn which ruins your suntan, missing home and not being able to connect on FaceTime then I wasn’t doing too badly. I found my happy place here, by the campfire at sunset.

At camp I met some of the funniest and kindest co-workers you could ask for, and some of the most entertaining kids who never failed to make my day. My bosses Marty and Robyn are honestly two of the best people I have ever met and are so good at what they do and make camp what it is.

I am still so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing place filled with great people and would love to go back one day. Although times were sometimes tough with both happy and sad tears being shed, I had such an amazing time!

Camp kick started my love of the outdoors, my independence, and my travel bug and considering in two months I am off to hike Kilimanjaro I would say it was a life choice well made!

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