2 days in Paris

2 days in Paris

After booking a trip to Paris to see Sam Smith in concert and the concert being cancelled, me and my friend Allie from the USA were meeting in Paris for a few days to sight see and catch up. We had two days in the city and we did so much.

We met at Charles De Gaulle airport on the Wednesday morning and got the train to Gare Du Norde station. Paris trains and metros are the busiest I have ever seen and there were a lot of pick pocketers in and around the stations. Gare Du Norde was a huge station and was a two minute walk to St Cristopher’s Hostel. We couldn’t check in straight away so went for a wander round the area, it was really hot and sunny so carrying the bags was a struggle. We had a bit of time in the morning so we walked up to the Sacre Coeur which is on top of a hill and overlooks the city. It was beautiful had a nice atmosphere, there was a man playing a harp, children having an art class and people dressed as statues.

After checking in at the hostel we decided to brave the metros and got two trains to the Eiffel Tower. It was so busy underneath and around the tower so we sat on the grass just in front of it and sunbathed for a while. We wanted to walk up the tower so we could see more and we made it to the second floor which was 668 steps. We were tired when we got to the top but the view was worth it. We sat in the breeze and took some photos like everyone else. Walking down was so much more relaxing!

We then walked up and down the River Seine for the rest of the afternoon looking at all the boats and found a fountain facing the tower where there was hundreds of people sat on the grass. We then found a nice spot near the river where we saw tickets for an hour long cruise along the river. We went on one that night and it was great. We got on one at 9.30 when the sun was setting and got off at 10.30 when it was dark. All along the river we saw people sitting, listening to music, eating and drinking. It was so relaxed and was a lot of fun.


The next morning we wanted to visit the part of the city we saw towards the end of the cruise around the Notre Dame Cathedral. We got the metro to the Notre Dame walked around its grounds, walked a few bridges down the see the Love Lock Bridge and bought a padlock, we then walked to the Louvre and sat in the gardens around it. We could see the Arch Di Triumph in the distance but it looked far away on the map, we decided to walk there anyway even though it was 3.7 miles away!! We passed so many designer shops along the way and once we got there we walked the whole way back to the Notre Dame metro station. We needed a lie down after all the walking and we did. That night we went out for tea and relaxed.

The trip was short but packed with a lot of sight seeing. We managed to fit in all of the main attractions and caught up whilst doing so. The weather was perfect the only thing which wasn’t was the metros and the amount of times we got lost and had to hold on to our bags.

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