10 day countdown to Thailand

10 day countdown to Thailand

Only 10 more sleeps to go before it’s time to touch down in Asia. It will be my first time venturing over that side of the map and I couldn’t be more excited!!

Exploring Bangkok, relaxing on the islands, teaching English at Thai schools, playing with elephants and eating some new foods are on the horizon and it’s looking so good!

Saying that I have a fair bit to do before then:

  1. Pack and repack
    I have a love hate relationship with packing, it always gets me really excited but can be stressful at times, especially when the activities and the weather can be complete opposites. My pile is bigger than my backpack as it stands.
  2. Finish the TEFL course
    Finally! Only one more week of assignments left to do before getting ready for the classrooms.
  3. Learn some Thai phrases
    It would be rude not to and would definitely be beneficial but I am not sure how easy it is going to be.
  4. Practice braiding my hair
    For humidity purposes. I will definitely be going for practicalities over style.
  5. Do some last minute cramming at the gym
    The more calories that are burnt the better.
  6. Quickly learn to love rice and veg
    I am not the worlds biggest fan of either but I am sure I will be eating a tonne of both in the next month.
  7. Work and go to organised occasions
    Like you do.
  8. Stock up on snacks and toiletries
    They are two things I can always make room for. There’s nothing better than feeling fresh and full even after a few weeks on the move.

I will be blogging about my time in Thailand and the Island hopping tour if wifi permits so keep a look out. If not, get ready to be bombarded in a months time but my Instagram will no doubt have a few new additions to it as we go along.

I am so happy I have the opportunity and time to visit Thailand, I have heard it’s amazing so lets see!!!!

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